Determine PixelWidth and PixelHeight for JPEG image in Silverlight 2B1 (Updated)

I started using my JPEGUtil class which can determine dimensions of jpeg images. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well on every jpeg. I analysed these images and realized that these images has encoded with progressive mode. After some research I extended the code to handle a progressive encoding mode too.

Now the code can handles the followings:
– Huffman default and optimised mode with or without progressive mode
– JFIF header, if the unit is pixel
– Arithmetic encoding without progressive mode (SL 2B1 doesn’t support Arithmetic encoding).

The updated code and a mini sample app, can be found in the earlier post:!F648CB161AEB2D04!157.entry.

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  1. Unknown szerint:

    This is really cool.  I went through a similar experience with progressive JPEG, and we implemented a full codec in Silverlight by merging bits of code from Java and C++. Check out FJCore if you’re interested.

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